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Each year, in the Membership Directory, we publish a sampling of history we have on a particular subject.  Since space is limited in each Directory, we publish the rest of the histories here.  Our web site does not contain member information except for new members since the last directory cut off date of 15 August.

Supplement to the 2001 VHPA Directory - The History of Units in III Corps by Mike Sloniker

Supplement to the 2003 VHPA Directory - Flight School
by Ross Rainwater

Supplement to the 2004 VHPA Directory - 1st Aviation Brigade organizational diagram 

Supplement to the 2005 VHPA Directory - Additions to the History of non-U.S. Army Helicopter Activities in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam Era

Supplement to the 2006 VHPA Directory - The Pioneers:  Early Helicopter Aviation in Vietnam (1961-1964: A turbulent transition By Bernie Quedensa

List of WORWAC pictures

List of ORWAC pictures

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